AMK Hub security guard interrupts elderly couple's lunch to make them move their PMAs

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November 14, 2023

A man has called on malls to be “more lenient” to the elderly after a security guard asked his aged parents to park their personal mobility aids (PMAs) elsewhere during lunchtime.

In a TikTok video, Chen Zhenxing shared how he had brought his elderly parents to a restaurant on the second level of AMK Hub for lunch.

Halfway through the meal, however, a security guard told them to move the PMAs they had parked outside the restaurant to the first level.

In the video caption, Chen pointed out that his parents used the PMAs because they had difficulty walking from the second to the first level. He also wrote that his parents decided to pack their lunch and head home.

The video shows them leaving the restaurant with help from their companions while the person filming is heard saying that the PMAs were not blocking the main pathway. 

It then pans to a shot of the parking advisory left on the PMAs.

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In an interview with 8world News, Chen shared that he had tried to reason with the security guard. He asked if it was possible for the family to finish their meal before leaving.

But the guard still went ahead to issue the parking advisory, and Chen’s father, 86, and mother, 75, were afraid that they would have to pay a fine.

So they decided to pack up the food and bring it home.

“Even the waiters in the restaurant told my parents to eat slowly and not to rush, but they didn’t dare to continue eating and hurriedly left the mall,” Chen said.

Adding that the family lived nearby, he said this wasn’t the first time they had brought PMAs into a shopping mall. And so far, no security guard had ever stopped them.

“We understand that security guards are only doing their jobs,” Chen said. “However, the local population is ageing, and most of the elderly have mobility issues.”

He added that he hoped that shopping malls would be more lenient towards the elderly.

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