Group of PMA riders at Alexandra Park Connector look like a 'biker gang', says Stomper

Submitted by Stomper Jason

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A man visited Alexandra Park Connector on Nov 2 at 6.40pm when he saw a fleet of personal mobility aid (PMA) riders coming his way.

Stomper Jason shared with Stomp that the group were 'taking up space' at the park connector and compared them to a 'biker gang'.

"I'm pretty sure these are supposed to be PMAs," he said.

"While we aren't ones to judge if they really need it, their entire family tree seems to benefit from it too."

PMAs are not just for the handicapped and those unable to walk but also for people who can walk only for a short distance.

However, The Straits Times reported last year that the Active Mobility Advisory Panel (Amap) was considering whether more restrictive rules were needed on who should be allowed to use PMAs.

Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and AMAP chairman Baey Yam Keng said in a radio interview that he has gotten many complaints from residents that PMAs are becoming 'pseudo-motorcycles' without COE.

"(For PMAs), does a person need to get a doctor's certificate to say he is disabled or has a mobility issue? There could be a possibility that people are abusing it," he said.

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