American YouTuber calls grass jelly "worst drink on the planet", netizens get triggered

When a YouTube personality tweeted about his distaste for Yeo's Grass Jelly Drink, he also unwittingly opened the floodgates to a wave of criticism.

Texas-based Twitter user @Drift0r, who also creates YouTube videos, had posted a photo of the beverage on Aug 5 and said, "Never drink this. It is the worst drink on the planet."

He also added that "it tasted like muddy tea".

Patriotic netizens were predictably and understandably triggered, coming to the defence of the drink manufactured by a Singaporean company.

Many told Drift0r to keep his opinions to himself and one user even sarcastically responded, "Just drink plain water, it's good for health."

Another netizen also wrote, "Don't come here and shit on our stuff man, just say _you_ don't like it, don't declare it the worst based on your subjective bland taste buds."

Drift0r proved that his taste buds were anything from bland, however, by saying that the grass jelly drink was as bad as the 'bacon soda' he once had.

Of course, there were those who were more sympathetic and suggested that Drift0r give the drink a second chance, by mixing it with soya bean ('Michael Jackson') or trying Cendol.

A woman also very politely told him, "Instead of saying never drink it, you can say that it's not one of your preferences."

Meanwhile, Drift0r himself appears to be rather puzzled at the "strong defensive reaction" his tweet has yielded, even telling someone, "This is so confusing."

Browse the gallery above to see the mixed reactions to Drift0r's post.