Filipina-Aussie Instagram model flamed for anti-Asian tweets

Controversy has surrounded a popular Filipina Instagram model whose past racist tweets resurfaced online.

Lily Macapinlac, more popularly known as Lily May Mac who is based in Sydney, criticised Asian men and said she wanted a "half-cast (sic) baby" in tweets dating back to 2013.

The 22-year-old wrote: "If another short old Asian dude tries buying me a drink, I'm going to puke on them."

She also posted: "Definitely going to marry a white boy, [and] I want a half-cast [sic] baby'."

And defended her tweet by saying: "My dad is cheering me on. He said 'If he's white then it's okay."

Netizens have been accusing her of having 'white fever' and the tweets have even affected her partnerships with brands.

She tweeted an apology on May 3:

"In light of what is resurfacing, I want to say sorry for what I said when I was obviously closeminded (sic) & away from [the] public eye."