Ah pek throws chairs and glass bottles in dispute with beer lady and patrons

Submitted by Stomper Raven

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A fight broke out between patrons of an unidentified coffeeshop, though it is unclear what the dispute was about or when it occurred.

Stomper Raven shared a video of the incident, which a friend sent him and has also been circulating on Facebook.

The dispute appeared to have started with an argument between an elderly man and a woman, who is presumably a beer promoter based on her attire.

It then escalated into a fight involving the old man and another guy.

What stood out in the video was how the man picked up beer bottles and chairs to throw at his opponent, whose shouts of "get out of here!" can be heard.

The altercation was eventually broken up by onlookers, with the elderly man eventually walking away.

Raven said: "First, ah mas have catfight with umbrella and chair. Now, 'ah peks copycat' by using beer bottles to dog fight."

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