Accident involving Toyota Yaris and 100Plus lorry at Waterloo Street: Appeal for witnesses, video

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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A private-hire car and a lorry were involved in an accident and the private-hire driver's son is appealing for witnesses and video footage to verify what took place.

Stomper Lim said the accident happened on Aug 29 at 2.17pm.

He recounted: "My father was dropping off his passenger at Waterloo Street near Bencoolen Link. He was driving a Toyota Yaris from a car rental company.

"After his passenger had alighted, a lorry drove by and made a left turn into Bencoolen Link from Waterloo Street. In the process, the lorry’s rear wheel area hooked onto my father’s front fender and the driver continued moving forward without realising it.

"My father even asked the lorry driver to stop when he felt the lorry scraping his car. However, the lorry driver did not comply.

"As a result, the Toyota Yaris’ entire front bumper and front lights were ripped apart.

"My father stayed calm and was grateful he wasn’t injured since it wasn’t a direct collision. No medical claims were made.

"According to my father, the lorry driver wasn’t sorry at all in the tone of his words.

"About one week later, my dad’s car rental insurance company received a report stating that the lorry driver was the victim, and my dad drove and hit his rear wheel at the left turn.

"First, this is not logical. My dad was stationary at the point of the accident. Second, if the impact was my father’s fault, the front bumper should be dented instead of ripped apart.

"Therefore, I am writing this appeal for witnesses and seek dashcam footage for reference and evidence."

If you have dashcam footage or any information about the accident, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.