9 crew rescued after collision between sea craft and bunker tanker at East Jurong Channel, MPA investigating

Submitted by Stomper Zirmi

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Nine crew of an Indonesian-registered craft were rescued by a passing vessel after being involved in a collision with a Singapore-registered bunker tanker at East Jurong Channel on Mar 22.

Stomper Zirmi, a boarding officer on the passing vessel, Sunlight Poseidon, alerted Stomp to the incident and described how he and his crew rescued the stranded men.

"At about 10.15pm, we saw a boat in the water off Seraya Buoy but its navigation lights were off.

"At first we thought it was a fishing boat.

"It was very hard to see in the dark and we started to move away when we heard people crying for help in Malay, 'Tolong, tolong!"

"When we got closer, we were shocked to see that the boat was sinking and only the top part was intact.

"The men were floating in the water wearing life jackets except for one. Debris could be seen floating in the water as well.

Zirmi said that they quickly rescued the nine crew and brought them on board and made sure that no man was left behind.

Zirmi then said he made a report to the Marine Port Authority (MPA)

In response to Stomp's media queries, an MPA spokesman said:

"At about 2225 hrs on 22 March 2018, MPA received a report that there was a collision between an Indonesian-registered craft SAMUDRA INDAH and a Singapore-registered bunker tanker EXPLORER at East Jurong Channel, off Seraya Buoy within Singapore port limits.

"The SAMUDRA INDAH sank at the site but all nine crew on board were rescued by a passing vessel SUNLIGHT POSEIDON.  The EXPLORER did not sustain any damage.

"No injuries or oil pollution were reported.

"MPA is investigating the incident.

"To ensure navigational safety, MPA has installed a buoy to mark the site and has initiated broadcasts to alert passing vessels.

"MPA is also working with the owner of SAMUDRA INDAH to facilitate the removal of the sunken craft.

"Vessel traffic in the area remains unaffected."