$7,700 diamond-sequined panties worn by Chinese actresses 'look like diaper'

The New Paper
Oct 23, 2023

This is one hot pair of panties.

The diamond-sequined panties by Italian luxury brand Miu Miu have been trending in China, thanks to Chinese actresses Yang Mi and Zhao Jinmai as well as (G)I-dle's Minnie, who have all been photographed wearing them.

The panties, which cost US$5,600 (S$7,700), topped a Weibo hot search list, according to 8days.

Minnie wore the sparkly undergarment for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore’s August issue, while Miu Miu ambassador Jinmai shot a brand campaign in it.

Some think the knickers are all hype though. “The thickness makes it look like a diaper” and "We don't understand this so-called fashion circle", they say.

Still, if you’ve got the money to splurge, why not try to look like a star?

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