'It must be nice to be rich': Netizens buzz over China couple with huge age gap

The New Paper
August 14, 2023

A wide age gap between celebrities and their partners isn’t a new phenomenon by any stretch.

The same could perhaps be said for regular folks – especially if the man is a wealthy mogul of sorts. 

Nonetheless, a couple have been trending on Chinese social media because of the salient difference in their ages. 

And while we don’t know exactly how wide the gap is, you might think, just by looking at their photos together, that they were granddad and granddaughter.

Pictures of the young lady and the elderly man cruising in a red Ferrari on the streets of China were shared on Weibo.

According to reports online, the couple have been married for quite some time now. 

Netizens didn’t take long to begin speculating about the relationship, with many pointing out that the woman probably stands to inherit a tidy fortune – perhaps in the not-too-distant future.

“It must be nice to be rich,” read one comment. 

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