6-hour video of handsome Korean guy goes viral -- and it only shows him studying

A man in Korea gained 530,000 views for a video of him -- studying without saying a single word for six hours.

The YouTuber is believed to be preparing for a state exam in becoming a police officer.

The man has been regularly live streaming footage of him studying since April this year, with the YouTube handle "Bot-No-Jam", which translates to "a robot which is no fun" in English.

Despite the handle implying how monotonous the video would be, about 320,000 subscribers still proclaimed that they cannot get enough of those "boring" videos.

In a six-hour video titled "Study With Me", the seemingly emotionless man is seen sitting at his table while writing and reading, the only audible sounds were background noises.

A comment that garnered 1,600 likes, read: "I was forced to study but I finally found my interest after 20 years." Another YouTube user which jokingly said, "I do not want to study together, because I am supposed to look at the book but that face is distracting me," gained over 1,500 likes.

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The YouTuber's videos have an average of 150,000 views, and many of his fans attributed his surge in popularity to his K-pop idol-like appearance.

Most of his videos are of him studying at his desk without any exchange between him and his viewers, and his study videos are all nearly six hours long.

Silent study videos aside, he has also uploaded other video blogs - also known as vlogs - depicting his daily routine, such as him getting ready to go out, and hanging out with his friends.

His latest vlog of him working out at a gym - without speaking, as usual - has garnered over 560,000 views.

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Bot-No-Jam's fandom even created Twitter accounts where they share screen-shotted images of him. One of the more well-known account, "Everything about 'Bot-No-Jam" has more than 4,200 followers.

He even appeared on Seoul Broadcasting System's (SBS) morning show Morning Wide, a Korean talk show, on June 8, due to his rise in popularity.

During the interview, the YouTuber said the reason he began filming himself studying was to ensure that he remained focused.

He also said that the word "Bot" in his YouTube handle arose from his own nickname, "Robot".

He said: "People used to call me a robot when I was serving the military.

"I expected nobody would see me just studying all day, so I added the words 'No-Jam' on my YouTube username."

After the interview, he shared the interview experience on his YouTube channel, saying "Thanks for your love and support, I could be on a TV show."

The post received over 7,200 likes and nearly 800 comments welcoming his small-screen debut.