The biggest single stick of satay in the world -- created right here at Singapore Poly

Submitted by Stomper Kenneth

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The world's biggest satay was a collaboration effort between Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Business Faculty and Satay Hady Jay with SBY Frozen Food Supply Pte Ltd, which took place between Apr 24 to Apr 25.

Stomper Kenneth, a lecturer in SP who teaches entrepreneurship, wrote in to Stomp on behalf of the students of SP regarding the polytechnic's event, SP Shop & Snack 2018 - 'Hunt with Hady Jay'.

"It is a student-run initiative, consisting of 27 stalls, lots of food, shopping and a world record-setting Satay," said Kenneth.

"The poly business students collaborated with Halal food blogger 'Satay Hady Jay' and other companies to hold the event. Their brainchild came about despite not having been given any grades or marks for this. No money given too. There's only the space and a goal."

Kenneth said the reason behind this 'brainchild' was an effort to be creative in getting customers' attention to patronise the stalls in SP, which were ran by students in order to "learn and get into the swing of things". 

Satay Hady Jay, who is a restaurant partner of SP, readily came aboard to help with the event, according to Kenneth.

The "world record-setting satay" took two days of preparation, which includes marination, skewering and grilling. 

"There are world records of other satay dishes but the world's largest satay has not been done before, so we decided to do it," said Kenneth.

"We aim to be in the book of Singapore Records and also the Guinness Book of Records."

The world's biggest single satay was revealed on Apr 25 at 11.30am, at SP Business School, during the 'Hunt With Hady Jay' event.