5 cats mauled to death by same pack of stray dogs in Ang Mo Kio since Sept, claims cat feeder

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Killers canines on the loose?

Five cats in Ang Mo Kio have been mauled to death by the same stray dogs since Sept 6, claimed a cat feeder.

Stomper Liqiong said she has sought help from the authorities on the issue of the feline fatalities not just in Ang Mo Kio but in Hougang as well.

In response to a Stomp query, the Animal Veterinary Service (AVS) said that it is aware of the stray dogs at Ang Mo Kio, including three dogs that have been reported to have attacked some community cats.

"Based on our checks, these dogs were sterilised under the nationwide Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) programme by an animal welfare group.

"The dogs were likely originally from a remote site in the north, and could have wandered into Ang Mo Kio," said Dr Chang Siow Foong, Group Director of Community Animal Management at AVS, which is a cluster of the National Parks Board.

"AVS will work with the community animal caregivers to track and guide the dogs back to their original location through feeding and conditioning. We will monitor the progress closely."

The Stomper said: "We understand these dogs have been roaming from Seletar to Ang Mo Kio and Hougang perhaps due to the fact that their homes have been redeveloped or reclaimed."

She added that the cat death toll has risen to more than 20.

"We are animal lovers. We respect the safety and lives of all animals, and do not want any to be unnecessarily put down."

Dr Chang told Stomp that the TNRM programme involves humanely catching stray dogs and sterilising them.

"Thereafter, efforts will be made to rehome as many of the sterilised dogs as possible. Those that are unable to be rehomed will be released at suitable locations, away from residential estates, to live out their lives naturally.

"Since the launch of the TNRM programme in 2018, more than 3,500 stray dogs have been trapped with over 60 per sent successfully rehomed or fostered."

But is that enough?

The Stomper said: "The cat feeders are worn out patrolling every night and most of them are getting on in years. We do hope that Stomp will help all sides – dogs, cats and the weary humans."

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