3 men arrested after allegedly helping 4 people without tickets get into Taylor Swift concert

Three men, aged between 29 and 45, were arrested for allegedly helping four people without tickets get into the Taylor Swift concert at the National Stadium.

The police said they received a report on March 4 at about 7.40pm that several individuals had entered the concert premises at Singapore Sports Hub without authorisation.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the trio were allegedly involved in facilitating the unauthorised entry for the group of four who did not have legitimate concert tickets.

The two men and two women of the group, aged between 21 and 25, are being investigated for criminal trespass, which carries an imprisonment term of up to three months, a fine of up to $1,500, or both.

Two of the arrested men, Yang Chenguang, 29, and Li Xiao Wei, 45, were charged in court on March 6 for cheating, which carries an imprisonment of up to three years, a fine, or both.

Yang is accused of speaking to a security guard stationed at an entrance at the Singapore Sports Hub to cause a distraction, while Li held on to a turnstile to allow Shangguan Linmo, Hu Zhijun and Yang Junhao in, reported The Straits Times.

Yang and Li will be remanded for investigations and return to court on March 13. The third man has yet to be charged.

Kallang Alive Sport Management, which manages Singapore Sports Hub, said security staff had detained several people who attempted to trespass into the National Stadium on March 4.

The security team and the authorities were able to close in on the trespassers with the help of patrons who came forward with their observations.

Stomp earlier reported that someone on X claimed to have witnessed people without tickets getting into the concert.

She tweeted: "...there were people who got into the stadium WITHOUT TICKETS because they tailgated people into the gantry. I witnessed it right in front of me and I called them out and informed the ushers because there were no security to be found at the gantry."

Swift's last show in Singapore is on March 9.