23 people taken to hospital after 3-vehicle accident at Jurong Island, lorry driver arrested

Submitted by Stomper Robert, Jason, Dale, Pratap

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Twenty-three people were taken to hospital after an accident involving a lorry and two buses occurred along Jurong Island Highway on Wednesday morning (Jan 9).

The police told Stomp that the 67-year-old male lorry driver has been arrested in relation to the case.

Stompers Robert, Jason, Dale and Pratap alerted Stomp to the accident and shared photos and videos they had received via WhatsApp.

In the photos, several workers wearing blue uniforms are seen lying by the side of the road next to the vehicles involved in the incident.

The left-front side of the lorry appears badly damaged and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers are seen trying to rescue a man sitting in the lorry's passenger seat.

In response to a Stomp media query, an SCDF spokesman said they were alerted to the accident at 7.35am.

The passenger trapped in the lorry was released by SCDF using hydraulic rescue tools.

The police told Stomp they were alerted to the incident at 7.37am.

Twenty-three people were conscious when they were taken to National University Hospital.

One person was assessed with minor injuries and refused to be taken to hospital.

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Stomp understands that the persons taken to hospital were passengers on one of the buses.

The bus, which had 23 passengers on board including its driver, was travelling on the leftmost lane on the highway.

The lorry was travelling behind it, while another bus, that had no passengers, was on its right in the centre lane.

The lorry driver alleged that the bus driver in front of him had jammed on his brakes, causing him to swerve in order to avoid a collision.

However, he hit the rear right side of the first bus and also sideswiped the other bus on his right.

Police investigations are ongoing.