2 vehicles involved in accident after BMW driver suddenly goes straight from left-turn only lane

Two vehicles got into an accident after a BMW driver suddenly decided to go straight from a left-turn only lane along Raffles Boulevard.

According to the time stamp on a video posted by Alex W W Tan on SG Road Vigilante's Facebook page, the incident occurred on April 7 at around 5.55pm.

In the video, the BMW driver can be seen indicating left and getting into the left-most lane that leads to Nicoll Highway.

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However, he suddenly brakes and indicates right to stay on Raffles Boulevard.

His last-minute decision causes the Mazda driver on his right to jam on his brakes in order to avoid hitting him.

The driver of the dash cam vehicle then hits the back of the Mazda while the BMW driver goes over chevron markings and continues to drive down Raffles Boulevard.

Although many netizens have slammed the BMW driver for his "reckless" driving, others said that the driver of the dash cam vehicle should have kept a further distance from the Mazda in front.

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