2 arrested after excavator arm crashes into overhead bridge along Balestier Road

Submitted by Stomper Imran,  Ghanesh, Alex, Jay

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Two people were arrested after the arm of an excavator crashed into an overhead bridge along Balestier Road yesterday (Jul 21) at around 10pm.

Stompers ImranGhanesh, Noan, Alex and Jay alerted Stomp to what happened.

Based on photos and a video they sent, the excavator was on the top of a low loader when it hit the pedestrian bridge.

Parts of the bridge were damaged following impact. There was also debris on the road.

In a Facebook post, the LTA said that the accident "had compromised the structural integrity of the bridge. Hence, we had to remove the beams of the damaged structure for safety reasons."

Parts of Balestier Road were closed to traffic temporarily to ensure safety.

Read a Facebook post by the police in relation to the incident:

"The 57-year-old driver and his 59-year-old employer have been arrested in connection with the accident. 

"They have been arrested for Causing a Heavy Motor Vehicle to Collide with an Overhead Bridge under Section 65A(1) of the Road Traffic Act, Chapter 276. 

"The driving licence of the driver has also been suspended with immediate effect.

"No one was injured in the accident.

"Police investigations are ongoing."