M'sian rapper Namewee slams 'fake fans' who slammed him for faking death to promote new song

Malaysian rapper Namewee said those who were disappointed with him for faking his death were "fake fans".

His "death" was first announced on social media on April 1 with a "farewell ceremony" in Kuala Lumper on the same day.

A day later, the rapper revealed that he chose to hold his "funeral" on April 1 because it was April Fools' Day, but "we are not joking".

He added in a social media post: "The point is, we haven't actively sent any press releases to any media outlets, and we haven't responded to anything. All the so-called 'news' you see, all lies and rumours, are not true.

"Through today's news, I can also see the unevenness of the Malaysian news media, and the unprofessional and irresponsible way of reporting, which has disappointed me to graduate from the Department of Mass Communications."

在這短短的一天裡,感觸很深,看到真正關心我的人,也看到許多落井下石的人。 我覺得幸運的是,我還能夠看到自己的喪禮,體驗別人體驗不到的事情。人生走到最後的體悟,就是無論你做的再怎麼了不起的事,成為再偉大的人,最後還是一樣會死。我們不必討好任...

Posted by Namewee 黃明志 on Monday 1 April 2024


A video of a frustrated reporter outside the "funeral" trying to confirm Namewee's death has more than 3 million views.


今天一堆人问我: 真的吗? 音乐鬼才黄明志死了? 来听听“告别式”后 星洲记者妹妹和“粉丝”的“辩论”和“对话”。 #现场直击 #今日最红 #黄明志

Posted by 陈韵传 Yunna Tan on Monday 1 April 2024


It later appeared that the whole thing was to promote his new song called When I'm Gone and its music video released on April 4 at 4.44pm.

Many did not appreciate the ruse, especially actor Wang Li Hong.

Believing that Namewee had died, Wang posted an old photo of the two of them together, adding: "You are always in my heart, bro."

Posted by 江昭上 on Monday 1 April 2024

But after learning the truth, he posted: "Some things you have to respect. Not everything you can use for fun or to make fun of. I think Namewee has gone a bit too far this time."

In another post, the actor said: "I’m a humorous person and I love comedy a lot, but everything has its limit. Sorry to say, but this time you have crossed the line."

Namewee responded to those who were dragging him down and saying they were disappointed with his fake death by calling them “fake fans”.

He commented on his own post: “If you’re a true fan, you would understand the importance of this event and the fact that I have conducted other much more drastic campaigns before.”