Person who took Stomper's lost phone takes photo, unknowingly drops clues

Submitted by Stomper Jaclyn

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Stomper Jaclyn lost her phone yesterday (Apr 28) at 8am and tried calling it the whole day to find it to no avail.

However, her husband tried calling the phone via WhatsApp and Viber in the evening and managed to get through indicating that the phone had been connected to a WiFi network.

"They then quickly disconnected the phone so it was clear that they do not plan to return it to us," said Jaclyn.

However, the person who found her phone unknowingly left behind clues after taking a photo with it:

"Google photos synced during that short span of time that they turned on the WiFi and we were able to see one photo the person took."

The photo showed a table with condiments on it and a floor and wall with tiles.

The Stomper thought this might be the person's home but it could also be a coffeeshop or restaurant.

The photo was taken at 9am, an hour after she lost her phone.

Another clue was that the location the photo was taken was also included in the photo information and showed that the person was at Old Airport Road near the Kallang Estate Food Centre.

This was near to where Jaclyn had lost it at Block 49 Jalan Tiga.

"My husband wants to play detective and visit the area to check for units which will match the photo," said Jaclyn.

Jaclyn has since reported the lost phone to the police but hopes that the clues might lead to finding it herself.

The phone is a white Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone with a black rubber casing.

If you have any information regarding the phone, please contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.