Kudos to bus driver who found and travelled to Changi Business Park to return iPhone 7 to commuter

Submitted by Stomper Kiran

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Kiran was touched when a kind mybus driver returned him his phone after he dropped it on the way to work yesterday (Mar 1).

The Stomper had boarded the bus from Punggol to Changi Business Park at around 9.20am. After he alighted at about 9.50am, he checked his pockets and realised that his iPhone 7 had dropped out.

As he could recall neither the bus service that he had boarded, nor the face of the bus driver, he called his handphone hoping that someone would pick up.

The bus driver, Mr Poh, answered it and told Kiran that he would return the phone to him when he drove back to Changi Business Park later that day.

Kiran told Stomp that Mr Poh returned to Changi Business Park at about 4pm. He stopped by Kiran’s office block to return the phone to Kiran personally.

Said Kiran:

“This is one of the best examples of honesty.

“I hope to become his friend.

“I believe that when you befriend such kind and noble people, it reflects on your character and you will be inspired to want to become more like them as well.”