Seriously, how do you explain this standee in local supermarket to your kid?

Parents who make grocery shopping a family affair be warned: You might have to start preparing a story about the birds and the bees if your inquisitive children catch sight of this standee in supermarkets. 

The standees, which are part of a marketing campaign to spread awareness about an energy drink from the UK, will be located at places where the drink is being sold or given away as samples, according to the drink's official Singapore Facebook page.

They are suggestive because the name of the drink and the standee's tagline carries sexual connotations. 

The brand had its 15 minutes of fame yesterday (Feb 9) after a photo of the standee was uploaded by Twitter user Zachariah Buy and started trending in Singapore. 

The post has since received over 1,800 retweets and 500 likes. 

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