Yet another sighting of man in skimpy attire -- this time at Shenzhen supermarket

Shoppers at a supermarket in Shenzhen, China were stunned to see a skimpily-dressed man browsing through the aisles.

Photos on Shanghaiist show him wearing knee high boots, a flamingo crop top and raunchy underwear with a hole in the butt.

His bizarre attire drew stares from onlookers, but yet he appeared to be oblivious to them.

The netizen who had originally posted the images of the guy on Weibo wrote, "Today at the Shenzhen MixC mall, I was stunned to see a drag queen in high-heeled boots, too breathtaking, I was dumbstruck."

One user responded to question if the man felt cold dressed like that.

The mysterious man had also previously been sighted at other public locations in the same attire, such as on a train.

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