Resident decides to ‘decorate’ playground signage with laundry in Jurong West St 65

Submitted by Stomper Dave

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Stomper Dave was visiting a friend in Jurong West Street 65 today at around 11am when he noticed that someone had hung their laundry out to dry on a playground signage. 

According to Dave, the HDB block that his friends stays in faces Boon Lay Secondary School and the playground is on the ground level of that HDB block, but he is unclear of the block number.

Dave took a video of the puzzling sight and sent it in to Stomp. 

Said the amused Stomper:

“I had to take a second look at what was hanging off this playground notice sign. 

“Technically they aren’t washing their dirty linen in the public, but then again…

“When i came down afterwards, I saw a man collecting all the laundry as it was starting to rain, although I didn’t take a picture of that.”

Take a look at the video below.