Huge tree branch falls and nearly hits SUV at Bukit Merah View

Submitted by Stomper Snoopy, Simon

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stompers Snoopy and Simon alerted Stomp to a huge tree branch that fell along Bukit Merah View at around 12pm today (Feb 20).

According to Snoopy, she was at the bus stop with a colleague when they heard a loud creaking sound coming from a tree nearby.

After a few seconds, one of the branches of the tree fell and narrowly missed an SUV that was about to enter the road from Henderson Road. 

The Stomper said that as the branch fell, she heard people from a nearby restaurant scream. She added that as of 12.10pm, cars were not able to enter the road because the fallen tree branch obstructed both lanes.