Yet another one? Huge tree falls into Kallang River

Submitted by Stomper Philip

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Following the tree that crashed into the carpark of a Bukit Merah condo earlier today (Jan 23) that left drivers stranded, yet another tree fell victim to the wrath of the weather today.

Stomper Philip was jogging on the park connector along the Kallang River around Potong Pasir, when he saw a tree that had fallen over .

He was not sure when the tree had fallen, but said it was likely due to the heavy rain and winds that pounded the area today.

The Stomper said most passers-by seemed unaffected by the collapsed tree, as it had fallen towards the river.

Philip said:

“If the tree had fallen the other way, it might have hit the HDB estates instead.

“It would have been very problematic as the tree is huge.”