Woman invents new way of cooking chicken -- and leaves Internet speechless

Some people like their steaks medium rare… but what about medium rare chicken?

Dakota Jean from Stephenville, Texas, shocked the Internet on Sunday (Jan 8) when she posted a photo of “medium rare chicken strips” that she had just cooked and was getting ready to eat with “homemade salad and veges”.

Facebook users went wild, with many of them telling her she could get food poisoning from eating undercooked chicken due to the presence of salmonella.

Salmonella is a bacteria that causes severe food poisoning if consumed. It is often found in poultry, which is why chicken meat must be fully cooked before it is eaten.

However, Ms Dakota feigned ignorance to their concerns and replied, “This is chicken not salmon.”

Some netizens were flabbergasted, while others were amused, but Ms Dakota had the last laugh -- it was a joke all along, and she never ate the half-cooked chicken.

Check out her original Facebook post below.