Want your wife to become hot? Try this hilarious method

Feeling wistful that your partner has 'let themselves go', stopped putting effort into their appearances or no longer look as good as they did before marriage?

Try getting them to exercise... with some incentives.

Monetary incentives, that is.

A hilarious video circulating online shows how a man riding pillion on a motorcycle and making his wife run after him on foot -- by luring her with money.

He passes her cash periodically, as she tries to catch up with him.

The video, believed to have been filmed in China, is accompanied by a caption that said, "Want wife to have a great body. This method is easy and effective. Love wife, must use this method only."

Netizens have reacted in good humour to the Facebook post, even tagging their partners to tell them that this would be good motivation and to try this on them.

Of course, this is all for laughs and we think we should love your spouses regardless of what they look like. After all, true love and marriage is more than just physical beauty.