Ultimate cheapskate in China dresses up female and demands discount on International Women's Day

We all of have our own ways to save money on things we want.

On man in China also tried his hand at cutting cost, but probably took things a little too far.

According to Shanghaiist, a movie theatre in Shaoyang offered movie tickets at half-price for females on International Women's Day that fell on Mar 8.

An individual attracted by the deal showed up in a black hat, pink jacket and a skirt. She claimed to be a woman, and asked for the tickets at half price.

However, the counter staffer was suspicious of the customer's build and voice and asked for her ID card. True enough, the word 'male' was printed on it.

The 'woman' refused to give in, and said:

"Just look at me, slim waist, long legs. I look prettier than you." 

In the end, the customer was given the discount, probably because the cinema wanted to avoid getting into an argument.