Resident sees mysterious 'black figure' at Pending Rd -- and finds out what it really is after going nearer

Submitted by Stomper Raven

This story was submitted via Web contribution form.

Stomper Raven was spooked by something he saw near Block 114 Pending Road in Bukit Panjang yesterday (Feb 28) at around 12am while on the way home.

Photos he sent show what looked to be a long-haired, black figure, sitting beside a dustbin near a canal.

Said Raven:

"I saw something on the other side of the canal at the bus stop that looked like a lady with long black hair.

"I started chanting after that.

"However, part of me also thought that it might be a depressed person sitting by the bin, so I decided to walk towards it.

"When I went near the bin however, it was actually not what I was thinking of."

As it turns out, the 'lady' was actually a chair that was disposed of at the bin. According to the Stomper, the chair looked like the kind that is installed in vehicles. 

The chair was damaged, and had white stuffing coming out from its torn exterior.

Raven is not sure how the chair ended up by the bin, but has said that it might have been left there by a driver.