"UFOs" spotted in Penang: Have the aliens arrived?

A video purportedly featuring UFOs floating near Komtar in George Town, Penang, have been circulating the web of late.

According to a report by The Star, the video posted by Facebook user Wang Soon You, showed two white objects flying side by side above Komtar.

Said the user in his Facebook post which was uploaded at 1.05pm on Tuesday (Jan 17):

"A UFO appeared over Penang skies, would you believe me,"

Wang also uploaded another video showing a group of people looking up at the sky, commenting on the floating objects.

His post has been shared 4,558 times as of 10.40pm on the same day, and also received 160 comments from netizens.

One of the Facebook users said it looked like a military aeroplane, while another said that it might be a drone.

Another user commented: "Can a drone be so big? I am looking at the same thing too."

What do you think: Drone or UFO?