Thai couple gets drunk on love, plans beer-themed pre-wedding photoshoot

Two Thai lovers, Tee and Mine decided to take their love of booze to the next level by doing a creative pre-wedding photo shoot featuring their favourite beverage. 

Shot by Sanit Nithikultanon, a famous pre-wedding photographer known for creative photo shoots on his Facebook page, the trio visited stalls all over Thailand,  where the lovers sipped on different draft and craft beers, reports Coconuts Bangkok

The couple drank almost every beer available on the Thai market and exchanged kisses in-between. 

Sanit recalled how Tee, the groom-to-be had met up with him to discuss the shoot:

“He came to me and told me he, a boozehound was getting married.

“ He told me how much he liked to party and drink beer, so i suggested to him that we should just casually walk around and sip beer.

“On the day of the shoot, I really tried to get him (Tee) drunk to the point of puking.

“I had him drink many different kinds of beer.

“By the end, everyone was drunk -- models, photographers, assistants, everyone.

“It was really fun.”

Mine, the bride-to-be, also had her team of bridesmaids join the couple for the shoot during a casual dinner in a restaurant.