System error leads to massive jam and delays at Malaysia checkpoints in Tuas and Woodlands

Submitted by Stomper Tony

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Stomper Tony was left stuck in a massive jam for around 2 hours after a system glitch at the Malaysia checkpoint in Tuas led to congestion yesterday (Feb 20) at around 4.30am. 

Said Tony:

“I work at a shipyard so my job starts quite early. 

“The jam yesterday was so bad that not just me, but several of my colleagues and friends were all late.

“The gantry would not open even after the identity of the cyclists were confirmed and green-lit.”

Tony later found out that the same issue happened at the Malaysia checkpoint in Woodlands too, and many of his friends sent him photos of the snaking queues.

The jam was attributed to an error in the new M-BIKE automated system implemented by the Malaysia checkpoints, reports Lianhe Wanbao

The new M-BIKE system would allow riders to pass through just by scanning their fingerprints and was implemented to reduce the congestion at the checkpoints. 

Some riders complained that they were left waiting up to three hours, just to get into Singapore. 

The issue has since been acknowledged by Malaysian authorities, and normal traffic flow has resumed since 8am yesterday. 

Said a motorcyclist:

“Looking at the jam just now, I was wondering if I could even get to work in three hours.”

A video of the jam is also posted up on Fabrications About The PAP's Facebook 

Take a look at the video below.