Super 'suay' dude gets nailed in the neck by pigeon in middle of roller coaster ride

A thrill-seeker had a roller coaster adventure he'll remember for a long time after a pigeon flew into his neck halfway during his ride.

According to Viral Videos Club, the dude decided to challenge himself at PortAventura Park in Spain by taking the 'Red Force' ride that apparently launches riders to from 0 to 180km/h in just five seconds.

A video of the roller coaster ride showed the man having the time of his life before a rather huge pigeon inadvertently flew into his neck.

As one would expect, the man was shocked by what happened and frantically brushed the bird away.

However, he recovered fairly quickly thereafter.

The man told his friend what happened, then continued on with the ride looking rather unaffected.

There was blood on his face after the incident but he did not seem to be in pain, which probably meant that the bird did not fly away from the collision alive.

See what happened in the video below.