Single mum in China falls in love with daughter's blind date -- and gets pregnant

A 49-year-old mother in Jiangsu, China arranged a blind date for her 21-year-old daughter, but this is one story that has a plot twist that nobody saw coming.

According to World Of Buzz, the prospective match was a 29-year-old businessman.

The woman even accompanied her daughter on the date to ensure that things would be smooth-sailing.

However, the potential couple went their separate ways due to compatibility issues.

Time passed and one day, the daughter discovered that her mother was secretly dating someone after accidentally stumbling upon the latter's phone.

After some investigation, she realised that her mother's mysterious boyfriend was none other than the guy she had gone on a blind date with. Her mother was even four months pregnant.

This led to a confrontation between the mother-daughter pair and here is how all three parties reacted.

  1. Daughter: "You can choose anybody else and I would accept that man, but I cannot accept this man to be my stepfather. How can I accept one of my previous blind dates to be my stepfather? If you want my blessing, then I’ll take my own life to give you my blessing.”

  2. Mother: She was surprised that the guy would be interested in her and, but now believes their chemistry is true love. Afraid of her daughter's reaction, she had decided to keep the relationship a secret.

  3. Man: He expressed his desire to have children and did not think his age difference with the woman was an issue, especially since he had always preferred mature ladies.

The man added, "This woman is the one that I have been searching for."

The matter has since been resolved after the trio went for counselling sessions.