Shocking footage shows massive crocodile grabbing Thai trainer's arm and death rolling him in as horrified crowd looks on

A Thai crocodile trainer has amazingly escaped from getting his arm bitten off after a three metre man-eater grabbed a hold of his arm and performed a 'death roll'.

The footage below shows the hair-raising moment where the crocodile attempted to tear the trainer's arm from his body during a show at Phuket Crocodile World on Dec 30 last year, Acid Cow via The Daily Mail reports. 

The video shows the trainer, Mr Anusak, standing in front of the giant predator wearing a red shirt, red shorts and no shoes as a small crowd watches on with anticipation. 

Mr Anusak then taps the crocodile on the head before performing a series of movements.

However, things took a wrong turn when he tapped the animal on the head one last time before inserting his right arm into its jaws.

The animal then grabs hold of Mr Anusak arm and begins to death roll, a maneuver performed by crocodiles on their prey which helps to tear off chunks of flesh.

Fortunately for Mr Anusak, he rolls with the animal, managing to free himself and avoid having his arm torn off. 

A staff at Crocodile World told The Phuket News:

"Lucky for him, he only suffered minor scratches from the bite.

"But Mr Anusak is very experienced in handling crocodiles – and very brave – and he is back at work entertaining tourists at shows today."