Shanghai migrant worker builds extravagant 8-storey mansion with earnings after returning to village

A migrant worker announced his return to a rural village in Shenzhen with a bang in the form of an 8-storey mansion and an extravagant party.

According to Shanghaiist, the man left to look for employment in Shanghai years ago when he was a teenager prior to his homecoming of sorts.

Following his return, the man used his earning to construct the building at a cost of RMB8,000,00 (S$1,612,226).

Not much is known about the interior the mansion, but it does include a grand lobby, an elevator and a karaoke room.

A huge party was also organised to mark the completion of his new home. The man invited friends and family to a 250-table banquet.

How the man made his millions however, is still a mystery. He has been described as a small business owner who somehow managed to make it big over the years.

Have a look at the mansion and the party in the gallery above.