School children arrested for kicking flamingo to death in Czech Republic

Three children were caught for kicking a flamingo to death at a zoo in the Czech Republic.

The boys, aged five, six and eight had climbed over a fence at the zoo before throwing rocks at a flock of American flamingos.

The boys then started kicking two of the birds causing one of them to die from serious injuries.

After the attack, the children ran to hid in a nearby woodland but were caught and detained by the police.

A spokesperson from the Jihlava Zoo, where the incident took place, said that the boys showed no remorse, reports Daily Mail via The Lad Bible.

"First, they pelted them with stones and then one of them kicked it," said Zoologist Jan Vašák.

"Fortunately, one of them had a distinct yellow sweatshirt. We immediately phoned police officers and so two of them we managed to catch far from the park. The third escaped."

The dead flamingo is reportedly a 16-year-old male.

Flamingos have an average life span of 30 to 40 years.