Savage grandma trolls scammer who demands RM200,000 for her 'kidnapped son'

Scammers count on their victims losing their cool and getting emotional so as to fall into their trap.

However, they occasionally encounter victims who don't quite fit that bill, like the elderly woman featured in a video posted on the Langkap, Perak Facebook page.

A scammer called her to threaten that her son had been kidnapped, and that she had to pay RM200,000 (SGD$63,400) for his safe release.

It is unclear if the woman actually even has a son, but she catches on pretty quickly that the caller was not telling the truth.

So, this savage grandmother decided to roll with it, and trolled him on a grand scale, reports World of Buzz.

The caller even told her a location to meet at, and that a man would be waiting there to collect the money.

Asked the woman, “You think this is RM200 or RM2,000? If you say RM20,000 to RM30,000 then it’s easy. You say RM200,000, you wanna scare me to death?

“We are poor people, where am I going to find the money for you? I’ve not even seen such an amount before in my life.”

The gangster obviously wasn’t going to give up anytime soon. He said, “RM20-30k? You think I’m a beggar?”

“Do you think that if you simply say you have no money then everything will be settled?”

The elderly woman, however, hilariously asked for long term repayment instead of giving him the money in lump sum.

Of course, which scammer would want to drag his deceit for so long and stated he didn’t want to “make it a big deal”.

The elderly woman then stuns him by asking for the kidnapped man's name.

When asked why she was asking this, she berates him and tells him that it was only logical for her to ask for the kidnapped man's name.

The grandmother insisted that the man tell her the name which he could not.

He became so frustrated that he started to curse at the woman. 

The gangster obviously could not drag on his lie anymore.

As the elderly woman continued to epically berate him for not even knowing the name, the man suddenly hung up.

Though he was clearly unhappy, netizens were overjoyed the elderly woman's epic responses and praised her presence of mind in the situation.