Mom arranges for a touching photo shoot to remember dying infant son

If you found out that your newborn child only had days to live, what would you do?

Lyndsay and Matthew Bretlinger from Toledo, Ohio, contacted a professional photographer to chronicle the life of their son once they found out that he was going to be born with only the right side of his heart functioning.

"They were the happiest 11 days of my life," Matthew told 13abc.

Despite having a packed schedule, photographer Lindsey Brown made room after she found out about the urgency of their situation.

“I cried the first time I looked at them. I still cry sometimes,” Lyndsay said. “They are beautiful and he is beautiful. In some of them, you can see he is wide awake with his big beautiful eyes. It’s something we will definitely cherish.”

Check out the photos of William and his twin sister above!