Lao Fu Zi creator Alfonso Wong dies

3 January 2016

The comic maestro behind "Lao Fu Zi" or Old Master Q comic series, Alfonso Wong Kar Hei, has died, aged 93.

Born in Tianjin, Wong died on Jan 1 in the United States from organ failure, announced OMQ ZMedia - the company that distributes Old Master Q comics in Taiwan.

The company also paid tribute to Wong on its Facebook page 'Old Master Q Comics - 老夫子'.

"Mr Wong once said, 'My life is like a comic strip, I will make Old Master Q captivate my audience as much as I can,'" the Facebook post read.

Wang moved to Hong Kong in 1956, painting Biblical scenes for the French Catholic mission for over a decade. He was also the art editor for a Hong Kong Catholic magazine, Lok Fung Pao. 

During his spare time, Wong created the Old Master Q series, adopting the nom de plume using his oldest son's name. 

His amusing and relatable portrayal of Old Master Q struck a chord with many readers, and it gained immense popularity in the Sinosphere.

"Not only did Mr Wong enjoy drawing, he loved fishing and pottery, and was multi-talented as an active athlete in swimming, diving, and skating," Old Master Q Comics - 老夫子 wrote. 

"His experiences helped to fuel the vitality of the comic strips."