Korean firefighters shield residents from fire using their own bodies

A video of a Korean firefighter using his body to shield a resident evacuating from a burning building has gone viral, according to Koreaboo

A fire began in a building in Yongsan, Seoul, last week (Mar 11), and spread wildly before authorities arrived at the scene. 

It was reported that five residents were trapped inside, including two children on the third and fourth floors.

Firefighters quickly rushed in and helped them to jump out of the building into a safety net set up outside.  

As the fire grew in intensity, the rescue firefighters could be seen in the video using their own bodies to shield the residents as they evacuated. 

Thankfully, there were no casualties and all residents were safely escorted out of the burning building. 

It was reported that the two firefighters who protected the residents suffered minor injuries to their face, hands and back.