South Korea reveals it has a plan to assassinate Kim Jong-un

South Korea apparently has elite troops on standby ready to assassinate Kim Jong-un if they feel threatened by North Korean nuclear weapons, according to the country’s defense minister.

Fox59 reports that Han Min-koo was asked in a parliament session, “Are you creating a special forces unit to eliminate Kim Jong-un?”

He responded,  “Yes, we do have such a plan.”

“South Korea has a general idea and plan to use precision missile capabilities to target the enemy’s facilities in major areas as well as eliminating the enemy’s leadership,” he elaborated.

It has long been suspected that such a plan was in place but the minister's candid answer surprised some, reports CNN.

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The defense ministry has said it is planning for the worst case scenario and assumed North Korea was ready to conduct a sixth nuclear test. 

According to, earlier this month, South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff revealed a retaliatory system, called Korea Massive Punishment & Retaliation (KMPR), after North Korea’s nuclear warhead test.

KMPR is comprised of surgical missile strikes and special forces units set to neutralize North Korea’s leadership in the scenario where South Korea feels a nuclear attack is imminent.

Last week the United States, Japan and South Korea roundly condemned North Korea’s recent nuclear test and called for tough new measures to further isolate the communist state.

The South Korean foreign minister, Yun Byung-se called North Korea’s missile and nuclear tests a “ticking time bomb” and a threat to world safety.