Indian men drink cow urine on live video, claim it boosts immune system and prevents acne

The men in the Indian village of Udaipur practise a weird tradition: They not only drink cow urine, but apply it on their faces and even bathe in it on the weekends!

In Hindu culture, the cow is regarded as the holiest of animals and any product that comes from it, be it milk or urine is believed to possess divine healing properties reports The Coverage

Recently, a Youtube video showing the men drinking cow urine went viral.

In the video, the men were seen to be gulping down what they claimed were glasses of bovine urine. 

A resident in the village, 36-year-old Hemant Paliwal is a regular drinker of cow urine. 

According to the man himself, he had been drinking at least one glass of pee per day for the last four years, and regularly takes pee baths with his buddies.

Said Hemant:

“I was suffering from acute lung diseases and would catch a cough and cold regularly.

“I even had acne and pimples on my skin, but once I started applying urine, my face was crystal clear in just a week. 

“Since then, there hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t drunk cow urine.”

Another resident,  32-year-old Yogesh Paliwal is also a fervent believer of the divine properties of cow urine, who joins Hemet’s ritual of drinking cow urine every morning.

Said Yogesh:

“Cow urine is available in Indian supermarkets but we have in abundance here in our village so we don’t buy it.

“I drink fresh cow urine after collecting it from the cow.

"The benefits of it are unbelievable. 

“It has cured my Asthma completely.”

Watch the video below.