Fruit knife-wielding 'pai kia' toddler threatens truck driver for blocking grandma's stall

A video of a five-year-old fruit knife-wielding toddler caught arguing with a truck driver for blocking his grandmother's stall in Uyghur recently emerged on Chinese social media.

In the clip, which was uploaded onto Youtube last Friday (Apr 21), the gutsy boy nicknamed Xiao Pang can be seen brandishing a fruit knife at the female truck driver.

The boy can be seen glaring angrily at the driver as he screams: "You can’t park here! If you park here, I will beat you up!"

He also threatens to puncture the truck's front tyre if the driver refuses to leave the area.

This isn't the first time Xiao Pang has been in the spotlight. Last April, he was filmed waving a metal pipe at local authorities to defend his grandmother's stall.

Netizens who saw the video expressed concern about the child's behaviour on social media site Weibo.

One netizen commented: "It is sad to see a child being so violent and yet his parents did not stop him."

Another user said he was worried that this would lead to the boy believing that violence could settle everything.