Disorientated naked man swings knife at passerbys at Thai night market

A frenzied naked man took to the streets of Central Pattaya, Thailand with a knife and started waving it at members of the public last Wednesday (Feb 1), at around midnight. 

The Thai police received a report about a unstable man who went on rampage at Mae Wilai Market in Central Pattaya, and upon arrival, found the completely naked man wandering around the streets, threatening anyone who approached him.

Officers spent 20 minutes taking him down, and the suspect was arrested and then taken to the Muang Pattaya Police Station. 

His identity and nationality remains unknown, reports Coconuts Bangkok.

A street vendor who witnessed the incident claimed that the man even attempted to attack her:

“He looked like he wasn’t in the right state of mind, damaging stuff all around and threatening people.”

Fearing for her safety, the vendor closed the door to her shop and bolted it shut, but the man allegedly tried breaking in to attack her. 

Fortunately, the police arrived in time to stop the crazed man’s attempt. 

Watch a video of Thai police officers arresting the suspect below.