Chinese woman gave up restaurant to save animals: She saved over 6,000 strays in 16 years

This lady loves saving animals so much, she closed down her restaurant 16 years ago to open her very own rescue and adoption center in Hebei province, Handan City.

Ever since, the 54-year-old Zhao Hua saved over 6,000 stray dogs and cats by picking them up from the streets and bringing them over to her animal shelter.

If the animals were healthy, Zhao would then try setting them up with a new owner for free. But if they are sick or suffer from a disability -- she takes good care of them for as long as she possibly can.

Currently, there are more than 400 strays housed at Zhao's rescue center.

She is helped along in her mission by kindhearted locals who have donated some food to help keep the dogs and cats fed.

How inspiring huh?