Chinese university grants monetary rewards to students -- for returning home during winter break

The Xiamen University of Technology has set aside 100,000 yuan (S$20,640) to be given to students who returned home for the winter break in a bid to encourage filial piety amongst its student. 

Students who returned home during the winter break could enter a lottery via the college's WeChat account and could be reimbursed up to 500 yuan ($103.21), reports AsiaOne

The college also tasked the students to return home to help out with chores that range from spring cleaning duties to helping prepare meals.

The project was conceived five years ago in 2012, when academic leaders noticed an alarming trend of students who would use their holidays to work or take on part-time jobs rather than return home to visit their relatives. 

As such, the lottery was introduced last year in 2016, to reimburse the travel cost and encourage them to return home.

Lin Zhicheng, deputy Party chief of the university, said the assignment is founded on the college's philosophy -- to foster students' enthusiasm for their heritage, in addition to learning new knowledge and skills.

Said Lin:

"Affection for one's family is a basic responsibility.

"Many students, however, lack that affection.

"We object to socialising during the holidays, because students have many opportunities to do that, but less time to spend with their parents."

Lin also confirmed that the university's efforts have seen positive results.