Can you rock your kicks better than this 71-year-old grandfather?

Meet Alojz Abram, a 71-year-old grandfather who became an internet sensation after photos of him wearing streetwear were uploaded onto Instagram in January.

According to Complex, Alojz's interest in streetwear began only a year ago after he started paying attention to the clothes his grandson, Jannik Diefenbach, wore.

He told Complex that he looked at the brands his grandson liked on Facebook, and Googled them. 

After a photo of him wearing a Supreme cap and Trasher hoodie was uploaded onto Jannik's Instagram page, Alojz has been the talk of the town. 

Jannik said:

"He gets some weird looks from other older people, but sometimes I get personal messages on Instagram saying that I've got the coolest grandpa in the world and that they love him.

"Girls comment on the pics and say he's the cutest guy."

The retired electrician said that he did not expect to get so much attention, but is happy with how it turned out.