7 celebrities that battled depression and won

While many celebrities project a cheerful image before audiences, that skill, coupled the years of accumulation of negative emotions can be a double-edged sword, and many celebrities suffer from depression as a result, often without anyone noticing. 

Despite that, many have battled depression and came out on top.

Here' are a list of these celebrities compiled by Lianhe Wanbao


1. Sammi Cheng

After filming movie, ‘Everlasting Regret’ in 2005, Sammi Cheng suffered from depression.

She recalled:

“I was seriously ill, and I didn’t even felt like speaking at all.

“During that period, I was silent for long periods.”

After taking a break from the movie industry for three years, during which she read extensively to release her emotions, and pen several articles to discuss her feelings.

She also embraced religion and exercised regularly to make herself more enthusiastic and healthy, finally beating depression. 


2. Shu Qi

After her spilt from Leon Lai, she sunk into depression, but finally beat it when after she learnt to control her own emotions. 

She said: 

“I would only allow myself to be sad and dejected for a few months.

“Life carries on and eventually you learn that you need to let go of things so you can be free.”


3. Barbie Hsu

A perfectionist by nature, Barbie Hsu was once so ill she even attempted to attack her own mother with a chopper.

After going on medication and spending time with her sister, as well as regularly exercising, Hsu finally beat depression.

She shared her advice:

“There’s no need to be ashamed if you have depression.

“Just seek help and don’t struggle by yourself in silence.”


4. Miriam Yeung

Due to her former training as a nurse, Yeung was able to control her emotions and reject negativity even when she was depressed.

She said:

"If i find myself having depression tendencies, I would talk about it with my friends.

“I found that to be the most effective.”


5. Ella Chen

The bubbly Ella once suffered from depression due to her busy work schedule and immense stress, and cried in front of the media during an event.

She shared her experience:

“If you find yourself lost in negative thoughts, tell a friend about it to divert your attention.”


6. Rain

Korean Celerbity Rain was a victim of depression when he was in Hollywood recording music and filming movies.

He said:

“I endured it through sheer will.

“I thought that if i lost to depression, I would be disappointing the fans.”


7. Janet Hsieh

Taiwanese celebrity Janet Hsieh, known for her sunshine personality suddenly broke down and cried during a film screening. 

She divulged that she once had depression and hoped that the film would encourage others with depression to beat their condition. 

She recommended victims to exercise regularly and watch movies, in addition to going on vacations, being in touch with nature and even spending time with friends.

However, she also said that it was important that patients seek professional counselling if their conditions worsened. 

She sought help herself in 2002 and talked about her experience:

“Sometimes, it’s inevitable that people get depression, but you need to accept and overcome it.

“Then you can help others like yourself.”