6m-long crocodile dies after being caught in M'sia: It got stuck overnight in a pool

A six-metre long crocodile died after being caught on Sunday (May 28) in Kapar, Malaysia.

The reptile weighed about a tonne and was caught after getting stuck overnight in a pool in Kampung Tok Muda.  

However, the crocodile died while being transported to the Selangor Wildlife and National Parks Department. 

Firemen were alerted to the incident at about 11.40pm on Saturday but were unable to find the animal due to the high tide. 

They did successfully catch the crocodile at about 10am on Sunday after almost three hours, reports The Star.

“The pool was about 9m deep and the space was narrow," said Sungai Pinang district Fire and Rescue Department chief Zaidi Ahtan.

“We had to use the chain lock and other special tools to winch the reptile up.

“We also covered its eyes throughout the process so that it would not get aggressive,” he added.