4WD driver kills 2 students on bicycle after swerving to avoid cow carcass on Malaysia highway

Two 17-year-old Malaysian students died on the spot after a four wheel drive crashed into the bike they were on— the driver having swerved into them to avoid a cow carcass on the road. 

The incident happened on Wednesday (Mar 29) at around 6.45am, at road KM55 of Jalan Temerloh  heading towards Bandar Jengka in Pahang, Malaysia, reports the New Straits Times via The Coverage.

The two victims were identified as students of SMK Jengka Pusat 1, Zharfan Najwan Zainal Abidin and Muhamad Daniel Iman Muhamad Faizal.

Maran district police chief Deputy Superintendent of Police said:

“The accident is believed to have occurred when the driver of the Toyota Hilux (the four wheel drive) steered to the right upon seeing the carcass, before colliding with the victims in the opposite lane.”

The driver is understood to be unhurt.